Philosophical Guide

Approaching life with a spirit of inquiry invites us to see it with fascination and amazement. Through reengagement of your natural curiosity and sense of wonder you allow yourself the opportunity to refocus your attention from what is wrong to what is so wonderfully right in your world.

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Barn Swallow Publishing

Terryl is the author of Let’s Get Your Party Started and founder of Barn Swallow Publishing, whose mission is to be a advocate for authors looking to improve cross-generational communication, aging adventurously, environmental stewardship, and increase appreciation for diverse perspectives.

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Terryl is a transformational speaker educating and inspiring audiences on a variety of topics including aging, cross generational ties, life transitions, embracing adventure, scientific research, the metaphysical components of life, and much more.

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Join us to learn, share, and gather in community. Terryl offers transformational workshops in creativity, personal development, navigating life transitions, parenting, aging, and more!

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Clients Say

The work isn’t contrived, dogmatic or one-sided. It’s a journey where I’m constantly reminded and welcomed to develop my own sense of wonder. Thanks to Terryl, I now see wonder as a powerful catalyst for change, an antidote to getting stuck, a perspective with endless facets that releases the jaded me to discover and embrace something different.


Terryl will find a way into your life as a gentle observer who finds the problem areas and from a non-judgmental, safe space, probes you to explore them. She helped me to identify the answers and solutions for myself, but I would not have found these on my own. She challenged me to reach a free zone in which I could identify why I act the way I do, why I think the way I do, why I limit myself the way I do. I moved from living in a constricted zone in my mind to a playground in which I can freely move from station to station and simply explore, with her present.


My husband and I were overflowing with gratitude for your insight and feedback in our last conversation. We’ve been on a long and challenging journey so far with our kids, and this past year especially has been a major turning point in how we are re-focusing ourselves. We really can’t begin to tell you how uplifting and valuable working with you has been, not to mention the lightness and FUN you bring to the process.



Terryl Mackey © 2023 All rights reserved.

Terryl Mackey © 2023 All rights reserved.